First, the standout in the class; and the one you should all make it your mission to destroy.

"Jaime… My name is Jaime.”


Julian confirmed that one of the meanings behind Steal My Girl is the boys not wanting other bands to steal their fans. 



track: Take Me to Church
artist: Neon Jungle
album: Welcome to the Jungle (Deluxe
play count: 21358


if the heavens ever did speak
she’s the last true mouthpiece
every sunday’s getting more bleak
a fresh poison each week

unrealitycw have a Super Gay version of take me to church

Tiny Detectives with Kate Mara and Ellen Page.


I could listen to this forever and never get bored

Do the wrong thing for the right reason.


Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


ok but why do niall and harry disrespect me everyday of my life

AOS urls give-away


hiii everyone!
i have two pretty great aos urls saved from the beginning, but i don’t think i’m ever going to use them, so ive decided to give em away

so if you want
leofitzings or leosimmons
let me know!

it would be nice if you motivated a bit (or loads idc), so i can give them to the people who REALLY want them. i’ll decide in a couple of days or so!


"you can’t blame all white people for slavery" and you can’t blame all muslims for 9/11 but that don’t stop you


any 1d song goes hard as hell if you’re 1d af enough